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Virtual Tour of Monastery

For a unique virtual panoramic tour of the Abbey Church, Chapter Room, Refectory, Library, Fireplace and Japenese Garden visit our new VIRTUAL TOUR [1] site.
Views pan right, left, up and down following arrows at the bottom of each one.

To accompany you on your tour you might want to print the following brief explanation of each view – based on RIGHT PAN ARROW:

east view – overlooking the Genesee Valley as storm clouds gather;
south view – front entrance to Abbey Church and reception area;
west view – entrance to monastic enclosure;
north view – guest parking lot & pond

east view – overlooking Genesee Valley – speakers chair;
south view – community seating
east view – entrance from cloisters
west view – community seating

north view – Japenese garden
east view – readers table & icon
south view – cloister, community entrance
west view – Abbot’s table & kitchen entrance

LIBRARY (original church)
south view – books & balcony
west view – stacks
north view – reading area & librarian’s office (door closed)
east view – reading area

west view – fireplace
north view – community entrance to church
east view – Our Lady’s shrine
south view – sacristy (left) community entrance

east view – guest area, choir stalls, lectern (zoom in for full chevron window)
south view – community entrance
west view – tabernacle, icon
north view – choir stalls, organ

north view – closeup
east view – guest entrance & benches
south view – altar – principle celebrant’s chair
west view – choir stalls

west view – from guest area
north view – guest entrance, desks & benches
east view – close up of east wall
north view – guest desks & benches, choir stalls

west view – path from church to monastery
north view – path to reception room
east view – church back wall
south view – fire place back wall – refectory