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September 6, 2015


The Harvest is Great

Br. Joseph Harvesting Tomatoes


Back in the spring those in the novitiate under the direction of Br. David planted a vegetable garden to provide the community with fresh vegetables. And now at harvest time their labors are bearing much good fruit. Or rather, vegetables.

Br. David Harvesting String Beans



To date we’ve been reaping an ample daily harvest of snap beans, swiss chard, lettuce, tomatoes, squash among other things. It is not uncommon for the brothers to bring in 40 or 50 pounds of fresh vegetables each week.





Vocation Retreat Weekend
Our 11th vocation weekend is off to a good start with four young men joining us for the retreat. They will be with us from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. Their schedule includes joining the community  for office in choir, and meals in the refectory, several conferences and a tour of the monastery. May it be a time of grace and discernment for each one!

The next Vocation Weekends are scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29, 2016 and Labor Day Weekend, September 2-4, 2016.

Let the Little Children Come to Me
Entering Abbey Church

Lectio Notebook

From beginning to end the Our Father is at once total prayer and a total self-commitment to God’s plan of salvation. It is our life’s program, insofar as our faith and our prayer are true to life.

We will not gain quick and easy victories, especially as long as we are still not grasped and penetrated utterly by God’s plan of salvation. Certainly it is the case that in the conquest of evil, we might be tempted from the inside. But we may not doubt for a moment that our radical participation in the victory of Jesus over evil through the power of goodness also makes our life fruitful for the salvation of the world.

Our Father
Bernard Haring, CSsR