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September 4, 2016


Beginning around the middle of last week we’ve had a good deal of trouble with our internet connections due to multiple causes starting with electrical problems and climaxing with total failure of our Abbey server. Unfortunately at this point we have no stand-by server and have to limp along as best we can with an application that allows for some activity including the Abbey News.

A good many of the Brothers have no access to email at this point. If some of you have sent messages and have received no reply it is because they couldn’t get through. We were¬†actually in the midst of gathering the components for¬†an upgraded, state of the art system to replace the present old, worn out one when everything broke down.The building and installation of it will not begin until the week of Sept. 12th. We hope to have things up and running again by the end of the week. Fortunately our bakery is on an altogether different system.

Meanwhile, if someone has a particularly urgent message to get through it could be sent via a telephone call. If no one answers the phone leave a voice mail message and it will be given to the recipient. The number to call is: (585) 243-0660. Will keep you posted on progress or the lack thereof!

Lectio Notebook

The human being, as understood in the ancient Christian tradition, differs from the animals in having the capacity to transcend the world of space and time and thus, by grace, to enter into a relationship with God. Created in the image and likeness of God, there remains even in the human being deformed by sin, a sufficient residue of that original integrity to trigger in us a desire for the God whom we cannot find in the world of the senses.

By nature we are God-seekers. Our heart’s desire finds fulfillment only in God. It follows that if I build God out of my life I am condemning myself to a very dim level of existence. Yes, I may join the ranks of the rich and famous; I may live a life of comfort and even reach high levels of philanthropy. Even so, there is a profound aspect of my being that has been forced into dormancy.

Fully Human, Fully Divine
Michael Casey, OCSO