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September 28, 2019

Fr. Jerome Machar, OCSO

25th Saturday in Ordinary Time
Zechariah 2: 5-9, 14-15a;Luke 9:43b-45

“Sing and rejoice, O daughter Zion! See, I am coming to dwell among you, says the Lord” (Zech 2:10). Even in times of distress and discouragement, the people of God have reason to rejoice. God is coming to dwell among us. When the Word became Flesh, the carpenter from Nazareth became the Master-Builder of his church. The risen savior then breathed his life-creating Spirit upon the Church making it his living Body on earth. This is the Body that gathers to celebrate the wedding feast of the Lamb. To this feast, all are invited and all are welcome.

The heavenly Jerusalem is presented to us as ever-expanding to make room for new citizens, yet with firm boundaries to defend its residents from all attacks from the enemy. Christ is the Door to the Heavenly City. The Father has opened wide the door when His Son’s sacred heart was pierced with the lance. Setting the table, He has prepared choicest meats and the finest. He has sent his angels to announce his invitation: “Come and eat!” All who accept the invitation will be admitted. None will be turned away who trust in his mercy. What a comfort it is to find ourselves near to the heart of God.

Because God carries us like a father carries his child, we have nothing to fear. The Father and the Son have shared with us the Holy Spirit, which is the bond of unity in the Trinity. Having been drawn into Love’s embrace we are able to endure all the difficulties and dangers that come our way. Those who hold fast to the Gospel will have no reason to be ashamed.

We live in a world where people are constantly being measured and examined. All of us live with a gnawing fear that we will not make the grade. This fear paralyzes us. It was this fear that rendered the apostles deaf to Jesus’ prediction of his passion and incapable of asking the obvious question. It is safe to say that we are in good company. The apostles were looking for a powerful savior, not a sacrificial lamb. Jesus invites his disciples to lay down their lives for the growth of the kingdom. Like the Master, we may be found wanting by the world, but our victory is found in clinging to the Truth of the Gospel. We are told not to be afraid to plumb the depths of the Word of Life. We are invited to set our gaze on the Lord who lives in our midst and promises to defend us with the Flame of Divine Love. Faith tells us to look on the Lord who sees us first, who loves us first, and who welcomes us first. Faith tells us to allow him to draw us into communion with the persons of the Blessed Trinity. To him be glory and honor, now and forever. Amen