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September 23, 2018


Going Up
This past week our stone masons made a good head start in the construction of the stone pillars for the facade of the renovation project which are designed to match the front of the present reception room.

Unlike building with block or brick construction each stone has to be selected so that it will fit a particular space which is created by the two rocks on either side of the opening. Not just any stone will fit. And so a large selection of rocks are required from which to select the correct one that will fit.

In addition to the rocks that had to be purchased we were able to supply some that were left over from the church construction after they were prepared by a good steam cleaning.

Meanwhile, inside the building progress is being made with details of painting walls, installing finished ceiling and  complex electric wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

Lectio Notebook

Purity means an aversion from evil and ugliness, a filial fear of offending God, a brave effort to atone for your faults, a heroic vigilance to avoid committing new ones, a passion for God’s glory ruling your every intention, insistent prayer that our soul may be washed clean of travel stains.

Purity is the tranquility of order within and without, in our respect for the true hierarchy of values, in ourselves fulfilling the first three petitions of the Lord’s Prayer: that God’s name be hallowed, that his kingdom come and that his will be done. It means the coming into our souls of the Kingdom of God.

The Hermitage Within
A Monk