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October 5, 2019


Parking Lot Update
The work of repaving the front parking lot got off to a good start this past Tuesday and it looked like the contractors would finish on time to reopen the Abbey Church, bread store and Merton Hall this weekend as scheduled.

Then along came the rainy days halting the work several days. At this point it seem likely we may be able to reopen Thursday or Friday providing there is no more rain. We greatly regret having to cancel all bus tours until the work is finished.

Bishop Elect to Visit

When we invited Fr. Erik Varden, OCSO a year or so ago to give us a lecture series  for the year he was Abbot of Mount St. Bernard in England. When he arrives Sunday afternoon he comes as newly elected Bishop-Prelate of Trondheim, Norway.

We are looking forward to interesting and inspires conferences. You will find a brief history of him on the Order’s website at: Bishop Elect Varden. 

New Link
We have been asked to include an email link on our Abbey’s web site for  those who would like to send prayer requests to the community. A Brother is assigned to take care of the requests. You will find the link on our Contact Us page listed  listed under E-mail contacts as Prayer Requests. 

Lectio Notebook

At the Last Supper during his final discourse to his apostles, Jesus spoke seven times of his joy and the joy he wished to impart to his followers. This in spite of the fact that he was to undergo a cruel death within a relatively few hours. The surest sign of the true contemplative, whether the contemplation is hidden or overt, is the abiding sense of peace, gratitude and joy.

Death itself, that unmentionable bugbear of a self-indulgent culture, cannot diminish the deeper trust and inner peace that nothing in the world can bring. This does not mean that the one is immune from temptations against trust in God’s presence and love when one is afflicted with suffering and disappointments. But they too, constitute part of the purifying process.

No matter what happens down below, the sun is always shining in the highest, most delicate regions of the soul, that is, in the interior heaven where the Father dwells as the ground of our very existence.

The Mystical Sense of the Gospels
James M. Somerville