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October 29, 2017


Word From Novo Mundo
Fr. Franciso of our daughter house in Brazil reminded us that this year the month of October marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of our daughter house in Brazil, Novo Mundo. Originally founded at Lapa in 1977 the community transferred in 1982 to its present location in Campo do Tenente. The community prospered right from the beginning so much so that it was raised first of all to the rank of priory on August 23, 1988 and then to the rank of abbey 11 November 2008.

As any proud ‘mother’ would we praise the Lord as the community continues to prosper with 5 novices, 3 postulants, 1 observer and several candidates in the wings. We congratulate them and pray they will continue to grow and prosper.

Back At The Motherhouse
Meanwhile we are saddened by the departure of our senior novice, Br. Joachim. After a period of serious discernment he came to the conclusion that he is not called to Trappist life and returned to India this past week. We will miss him, of course but we are consoled by the fact that he is very much at peace with the decision as he feels it is God’s will for him.

From The Bread Bakery


In chapter this morning our Bakery Production Manager, Adam Barrett, gave us an informative power point overview of the current condition of our bread distribution complete with projected plans for improving the situation. His presentation included a review of our recent production record along with a rundown of our aging equipment that is responsible for the frequent break downs we’ve been experiencing.

After a good deal of research and discussion our bakery planners have developed a plan for replacing oven, molder and mixer including a detailed floor plan for installing a new state of the art tunnel oven. A major undertaking if ever there was one. Will keep you posted.

Lectio Notebook

Conformity with the will of God is an expression of rock-firm trust in God’s love, the unshakeable confidence that God’s plan of salvation is for the best and that it will be fulfilled when we abide in God in thought, word, and deed.

In the meantime we do whatever is possible to recognize God’s will concretely, and act or suffer accordingly.

That is a great grace, a great chain or a great river of grace. And that is precisely why we pray: thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Our Father
Bernard Haring