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October 23, 2016


Back Home
On Friday around mid-night Fr. Jerome returned from his 20th or so annual  Religious Resource Meeting held in Anaheim, California this past week. In chapter this morning he gave us an interesting report of the meeting consisting of some 400 + participants.

Yesterday Fr. John returned in time for Vespers from giving their annual retreat to our Sisters in the Abbey of Santa Rita looking thoroughly refreshed after 10 days basking in the warm, dry air of the Arizona desert.

Genesee Greenway
Over the past few years there have been a couple of crippling washouts of the Genesee Greenway, one of which is along the eastern edge of our property bordering the Genesee River. In order to make the repair the local parks committee is requesting an easement of a strip land which  when completed, will reopen the, recreational path of some 90 miles from Rochester, NY to Cuba, NY.

Originally the Greenway was a tow path for a tributary of the Erie Canal running the distance from Rochester to Cuba. When the canal went out of business the path was converted into a railroad. When the railroad abandoned the tracks the land was acquired for a recreational path of some 90 miles for walking, jogging, horseback riding, bicycling etc., to which atvs are excluded.

In chapter this morning Fr. Stephen, our farm land manager, presented a proposal of the local park committee for the easement so they can make a new section of path that would reopen it for public use. The conventual chapter will vote on it later this week.

41st Anniversary
Beginning at first Vespers today we will celebrate the 41st anniversary of our Abbey Church keeping tomorrow as a solemnity.

O God of hosts, O gracious Lord,
How lovely is the place enthroned in glory
where you show the brightness of your face.

O Lord of hosts, my King and God,
How highly blest are they who in your presence choose to dwell
And serve you day by day.

From hymn for 1st Vespers


The feast of the dedication of our house, my brethren, may be truly called a domestic festivity. But more domestic is the feast of the dedication of ourselves, which indeed is the festival we are keeping today.

For to us appertained that sprinkling and that benediction and that consecration which were performed by the hands of the holy bishops, and the memory which is recalled on this anniversary with joyous hymns of praise.

…terrible, undoubtedly, and worthy of all reverence is this place where the faithful abide, which the holy angels love to visit, which is honored by the presence of the Lord Himself.

6th Sermon for the dedication of a Church
St. Bernard of Clairvaux