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October 10, 2015

Fr. Jerome Machar, OCSO
27th Saturday  in Ordinary Time
Joel 4: 12-21; Luke 11: 27-28

One thing is certain, we cannot escape the day when we shall stand before the God of Justice and Truth. On that day, all that does not reflect the grandeur of God will be consumed by the Fire of Divine Love. Only the radiant glory of God’s grace will be seen. Saint Paul expressed it this way: “I shall know fully even as I am fully known” (1 Cor. 13:12). God Who is love and who as a loving father sees into the depths of the human heart expects us to own and confess what He knows. In the light of the Fire of Divine Love, we shall see the reality of our actions and find the grace to beg for Mercy. In Christ, justice is served and mercy is extended to all who call upon His name.

Knowing that we are the objects of God’s love, let us humbly and honestly confess our sins. Because of His infinite love, let us gaze into the mirror of our souls and declare the truth of what we see. Then, cleansed of all sin and brought to fullness of life in the Spirit let us cling to Christ. God has shown himself to be love, especially in the self-sacrificing love of Christ on the Cross. With Saint Paul, “I continue my pursuit in hope that I may possess that for which Christ has taken possession of me” (Phil. 3:12). We must never forget how much Jesus desires to take possession of all of us.

In His response to the woman in the crowd, Jesus is not repudiating his own mother. Mary’s blessedness does not rest in her motherhood but in her faith. The ever-virgin Mary is completely at home with the Word of God. She never sets herself at the center, but leaves the core of her being open to the will of God. Her only desire was to be the handmaid of the Lord. She committed her life to think with God’s thoughts and to will with God’s will. God loved her for His own sake and He loved her for our sake. God claimed her as His own and He gave her to us. Since she is completely imbued with the Word of God, she is able to become the Mother of the Word Incarnate. Like her, let us ponder the Word we have heard and surrender our lives to it.

God has planted the seed of His Word in our hearts. Let us conform our lives to Christ Whom we shall receive as the Bread of Life. In the light of the Word we have heard, let us examine the signs of the times so as to interpret and do all that is in our power to contribute to the building up of the Kingdom. Remember how Pope Francis challenges us to be a community of inclusion, of dialog and of service. Ponder this prayer written by St. Ildephonsus of Spain:

I beg you, O holy Virgin, hear my prayer. Intercede for me that by the power of the Holy Spirit through whom you became the Mother of Jesus I may conceive and bring Christ into the world. Pray that I may come to know Jesus and proclaim His saving message. Depending on your maternal intercession, may I come to love Jesus Whom you worship and adore. Amen.