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November 27, 2016


New Beginnings
Today, the first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the new Liturgical Year, also marks a new beginning for our seniorpostulant, Br. Placid Larkin, who formally enters the community as a novice. In chapter this morning he was clothed in the novice’s white habit of robe, scapular and cloak.

As mentioned in an earlier posting in May Br. Placid, now twenty-nine years of age, comes to us from the rural New York farming village of Earlville.  He comes laden with degrees in Agricultural Mechanics and Music Education and, as a one time professional musician with, facility playing trumpet and guitar along with a good deal of farming experience and general maintenance. He also is quite adept at tailoring and supports the liturgical chant with a fine singing voice. So now we pray for his continued perseverance.

Br. Joachim  Abbot Gerard  Br. Placid  Br. Anthony  Fr. Sanjay

Liturgical Tweaking
For many years now we’ve been having the morning office of Lauds integrated with the Conventual Mass. According to the liturgical norms of the Church this arrangement is not ideal since it abbreviates somewhat both Lauds and Mass and should be used only when necessary. It had been necessary with the former baking schedule but since we have been able to change the schedule it is so no longer .

Beginning tomorrow we will begin celebrating the complete office of Lauds at 6:00 AM. At its conclusion after the priests vest for Mass we will begin the celebration of the Conventual Mass complete with entrance hymn and penitential rite.

For those who are interested in following the readings we use during our celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours our liturgist, Fr. Justin has posted three PDF files containing the list of Scripture Readings for Vigils, Lauds and Vespers, and Sext for every day of the liturgical year 2016-2017. These readings reflect the liturgical calendar of the Abbey of Genesee. You will find the files on the Order’s web site at: “Resources – Liturgy – Cistercian Lectionary” 


During these blessed Advent days, we, too, are called to imitate the Israelites by cultivating an attitude of strong hope, patiently waiting as they did, for the arrival of the expected Messiah. The reading and prayers in the liturgy, especially the psalms, encourage us to “relive” Israel’s eager waiting for the Savior, and to do this in peace and joyful expectation. From the depths of our being we pray for Emanuel to come be with us and to save us.

Through our Christian faith we know that the Messiah, the Christ, has already come once and that he will come again, a second time, at the end of time. It is not a coincidence that today both pious Jews and fervent Christians are still awaiting his coming. Indeed we both have much in common. We are both waiting for the same Person!

When he comes, his coming shall be a first time for the Jewish people and second time for the Christians. However, for both Jews and Christians, in fact for all people, this shall be his last and final coming. Thus is our Advent hope and why we find great consolation in our common waiting. Veni, Emmanuel!”Come, Emmanuel !

A Monastery Journey to Christmas
Br. Victor-Antoine D’Avila  Latourrette-OSB