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November 18, 2018



Last Sunday Fr. Gerard and Fr. Isaac attended a meeting of The Landmark Society of Western, NY, to receive an award from them entitled: Historic Landscape Award. It was one award of several given to other groups. It read as follows:

The Landmark Society honors the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance for their continued care of and commitment to their historic property overlooking the Genesee Valley, near Piffard, in the town of York. Located on the west side of the Genesee River, this 2,400-acre property has been owned and maintained by this contemplative order of monks since 1951, when the monastery was established in this community. With magnificent views across the valley, the property includes agricultural land, open space, and woodlands that are managed with modem forestry techniques. A historic, Greek Revival cobblestone residence has been adapted for use as a retreat center, while their iconic Mid-Century Modern complex of buildings, set in a designed landscape, is the centerpiece of their campus. For their continued stewardship of this remarkable property, The Landmark Society recognizes the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance with this Historic Landscape Award.
                                  Awarded November 11, 2018 by The Landmark Society
                                                                of Western New York.

(signed) Wayne Goodman                                                                                          (signed) Thomas Castelein
Executive Director                                                                                                         President

We are grateful for the recognition and hope to continue the stewardship of our land in keeping with traditional Benedictine/Cistercian practice.

Early Arrival

Ready or not, here comes winter. This past Friday we were greeted by 14 inches of freshly fallen snow. Fortunately the snow shovel was handy. No doubt a preview of coming attractions.


Lectio Notebook

The dignity of the spirit or intellect comes from the fact that it is the only creature capable of attaining knowledge of the Holy Trinity. The human intellect is in some way the summit of all creation since everything was created to be a revelation of God and the intellect is the very image of God, able to know Him because of the resemblance it bears to Him.

The rest of creation manifests only God’s omnipotence and wisdom. ‘Gnosis’ (knowledge) l of the Trinity and theology are two names for the highest contemplation and true prayer is another name for the same thing.

The Name of Jesus
Ireneaus Hausherr (7th century monk)