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November 6, 2016


Prayer Intentions
From time to time we receive requests to pray for special intentions. Normally these are posted on our Prayer Intention Board so all the brothers can join in praying for them.

Recently a new web site was posted called: Prayers Unite the World. Briefly, it came to be with a simple two-fold goal: first, to have people experience the spiritual power of prayer in their lives and second, to help people learn more about the communities with whom the Lord has blessed his Church as defined on its web site. The idea is to send petitions for prayer to participating religious communities (including Genesee) simply by sending one prayer intention which will then be sent to all participating parties. In sum, your petitions will be received by some 20 religious communities and others committed to the apostolate of prayer. You will find all particulars on the web site: PRAYERS UNITE THE WORLD.

We recommend sending your petitions to this site for more widespread prayerful support. Simply fill out the prayer request form on their site and they will do the rest. Receipt of your petition will be acknowledged and posted on our Prayer Intention Board here at Genesee.

Now Available On-Line
Since we are no longer able to bake our own fruit cakes we’ve been offering Assumption Abbey Fruitcakes in our bread store for the past few years here at the Abbey. For the first time they are now available on our on-line store as well.

Assumption Abbey Fruitcakes, perfected by world class chef, Jean Pierre Auge, are the dark, rich, traditional style of fruitcake. They are baked slowly and aged under the careful supervision of the monks. Everything, from marinating the fruit, to mixing, to baking, to packaging, to aging, to mailing is done right at the Monastery by the monks. They are now available on our on-line store at Abbey Fruit Cakes.

Lectio Notebook

The truth that Jesus came to reveal to us is not concerned with our sinfulness or the inevitability of death or any other discouraging reality. We can discover all those things on our own.

He came to reveal to us something that we have great difficulty in believing, that is, that God loves us so much that, if we really understood it, we would not fear anything that could possibly happen to us. Of course, it is easy to say that God is good and loving and merciful.

But saying it and knowing it in the depths of one’s being are quite different matters. And if there is one thing that of overriding importance in John’s Gospel, it is the desire to lead us from a merely verbal and superficial form of faith to a deeply personal experience of the love of God.

Mystical Portrait of Jesus
Demetrius Dumm, OSB