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May 20, 2018



Almost Finished. . .
. . .with the initial phases of the gatehouse renovation project that is.That phase consisted of asbestos removal and tearing out of interior structures, wiring, heating, etc. The asbestos removal was quite involved with all the safety requirements that had to be taken. But once that was completed the contractors moved quickly into the removal of walls, floor covering and even digging up sections of the concrete floor to make room for all the plumbing  that will be required for the expansion of the bathroom facilities. There is still plenty of work to be done before the new walls will be installed but it is moving along satisfactorily. The contractors are already at work putting up the partitions.

This week we had another building committee meeting with the architect to finalize a few more of the myriad details involved.

Novice Master’s Meeting & Abbatial Election
Early tomorrow morning yours truly will be heading out for New Melleray Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa for the biennial meeting of the nuns and monks of the American Region responsible for the initial formation of the region’s novices. As in years past rather than invite guest speakers from outside we will share among ourselves the accumulated wisdom and experience of each other.

I will be returning two days early at the end of the month in order to be here for our abbatial election which will be May 31st when Abbot Gerard’s first term of six years expires and he automatically goes out of office. Our Father Immediate, Abbot Elias of Gethsemani, will be here to conduct the election. Do join us in prayer that the Holy Spirit will come to our assistance as we cast our votes.

There will be no updates of Abbey News until my return from New Melleray.

Lectio Notebook

“The holy mystery of the day of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost, is to be understood in the following manner: the spirit of man must be completed and perfected by the Holy Spirit, that is, it must be sanctified, illuminated, and divinized by the Holy Spirit. This holy mystery is realized continually in the Church of Christ and because of this the Church is really a continuous Pentecost…. From Holy Pentecost, the day of the Holy Spirit, every God-like soul in the Church of Christ is an incombustible bush which continuously burns and is inflamed with God and has a fiery tongue within it.”

St. Justin Popovich
Orthodox Faith and Life in Christ