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May 12, 2017

Fr. Jerome Machar, OCSO

4th Friday of the Easter Season
Acts 13: 26-33; John 14: 1-6

Christ is risen! For two thousand years, the proclamation of Christ’s resurrection has been at the heart of our Christian faith. The resurrection of Christ from the dead was the proof of His being the Only-Begotten Son of God. Because He is the second person of the Blessed Trinity made incarnate by the Holy Spirit in the virginal womb of the Mother of God, it was not possible that His body should know corruption. Because He is the Word through Whom all things were made and because He possesses life in Himself, He is the first fruits of the new creation, the first-born of the dead. Because He lives, we too have life and the promise of our own resurrection. We are called to keep our eyes on the One Whom the Father declared to be His Beloved Son. Having been brought to the fullness of life in Christ, we are called to walk as the sons and daughters of God, children of the Kingdom.

Because we are God’s handiwork, we were not created to focus our attention on ourselves, but to pour ourselves out in the service and care of those around us, especially the marginalized and the poor. Christ conquered sin and death and made us children of the Light. In a world engulfed in darkness, we can be bearers of light and hope because the victory of Christ is already at work within us. The tomb is empty and the stone has been rolled away, laying open the path to eternal life each of us. Clinging to the Risen Lord is the anchor of our soul. If we keep our eyes on Christ, our hearts will be expanded with the inexpressible sweetness of love. If we keep our eyes on Christ, we will discover that the Father has made His dwelling place in our hearts and has decided to love and heal the hurts of the world through us. Let us open our hearts to the Risen Lord and hold fast to His words: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You have faith in God; have faith in me also” (Jn14:1).