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Abbey News: May 10, 2015

Up & Running Again
Our web site hosting server was down and out all day yesterday. A not uncommon occurrence when it comes to things internet. Seems all is well once again so better late than never here comes Sunday’s update.

Entering Novitiate

In chapter this morning we were happy to formally welcome our postulant, Br. Joseph Bruno, into our novitiate and clothe him in the novice’s white scapular and cloak. Some of you may remember him from two years ago when he was with us. At that time feeling the need for more time to continue his discernment he left us for a while to further test his vocational call and finally felt that it is to monastic life in Genesee.

Br. Joseph, 38 years of age, comes to us from St. James, New York. He brings with him an M.A. in theology and experience as campus minister and adjunct instructor of religious studies.

Here we see Br. Joseph with Abbot Gerard after this morning’s chapter. May the Lord grant him happiness, peace and perseverance in his monastic vocation!

May 11th
Speaking of monastic habits tomorrow, the feast of the Abbots of the Abbots of Cluny, we doff our cowls and cloaks because of warmer weather. A bit too warm for those ample vestments. And not a moment too soon with the temperatures reaching record breaking 90 degrees these past few days. In keeping with our usual practice they will be resumed on the feast of the Holy Cross, September 14th.

Mother’s Day
Remembering especially our mothers living and deceased today, their day.

Lectio Notebook

We can be transformed and united with the triune-God. We can become God by participation in his divine nature only if we let go of everything, so that God can take complete possession of us and refashion us.

This is the work the Father, in the person of his Son, and through the Holy Spirit, accomplishes in us through the radical purification process that is the dark night of the spirit. It is the full meaning of the power and wisdom of the cross in identifying us with our Head and Bridegroom in his resurrectional life, which becomes our resurrectional life, precisely because it is his, the Life of him who is our life.

In Jesus We Trust
George A. Maloney, SJ