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March 6, 2016


Laetare (Rejoice) Sunday
Hard for some of us to believe but here it is the halfway point of Lent already. One reason for rejoicing might be that for those of us who haven’t done so well during the first half have an opportunity to do a bit better during the second half. More importantly though is the anticipated joy knowing that the Easter celebration is drawing closer.

Schedule Change
Speaking of Easter those of you who join us for Holy Week and Easter liturgies will find their schedule changes posted on our Liturgical Services Page.

Another Change
Every three years Abbot Gerard considers whether or not to change two officers of the community. This year, the third since the last change, Fr. Isaac Slater was reappointed Prior and Br. David Wilson appointed Sub-Prior.

Community Dialogs
We’ve been rather busy recently with what some monastics call the Modern Monastic Asceticism: Community Dialogs. Among the issues being

Community Dialog

discussed are the desire for making a few changes in our daily schedule in keeping with recent changes in our work schedule. Currently on the table is the question of whether or not to separate the office of Lauds from Mass. The reason for integrating them goes back several years to accommodate our bakery schedule. But since the schedule has been changed it seems the integration is no longer necessary and it would be better to separate them. At the moment the community is divided over the issue.

Also on the table is the topic of plans for the renovation of our reception room/bread store area. A building committee for this project has been formed has has met to begin moving things forward. This week there will be a community discussion on the general concept drawn up by our architect. Once that is approved work will begin on working out the actual design plans.  Once they are agreed upon an architect will be hired to draw up detailed construction plans and contractors will be hired.

At the same time the community meets monthly to discuss more spiritual matters relevant to monastic life. Currently we are working our way through Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO’s excellent book: Strangers To The City: Reflections on the Beliefs and Values of the Rule of St. Benedict.


Christ was not an enlightened guru basking blissfully in the light of contemplation, nor a teacher of meditation breaking through to enlightenment, nor a military conqueror. He was a savior who gave his life, dying rejected and in agony for his flock and for the whole world.

The gospel of the revelation of God’s mystery proclaimed by Paul and the other apostles was and will always be an element o scandal in him, an irreducible and immovable stumbling block. It is called the cross.

Meeting Christ In His Mysteries
Gregory Collins, OSB