March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020

Today’s Homily-5th Sunday of Lent
As the last two weeks of Lent begin Fr. Isaac provides us with an audio homily from today’s community Mass. You will find it at:

Lockdown Continues
The Abbey remains closed to the public as the raging virus continues. We are very mindful of the suffering of so many people worldwide and of all the generous health care workers risking their lives and remember them in our daily prayer. Meanwhile, things continue well here; we are very grateful for the concern and prayers of our many friends.

Lectio Notebook 

The core message of Jesus is that real joy and peace can never be reached while bypassing suffering and death, but only by going right through them. We could say: We really have no choice. Indeed, who escapes suffering and death?

Yet there is still a choice. We can deny the reality of life, or we can face it. When we face it not in despair but with the eyes of Jesus, we discover that where we least expect it, something hidden that holds a promise stronger than death itself.

Jesus lived his life with the trust that God’s love is stronger than death and that death therefore does not have the last wood. He invites us to face the painful reality of our existence with the same trust. This is what Lent is all about.

  Show Me The Way
Henri Nouwen