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March 17,2019


Notice From Bethlehem Retreat House

Word From Mike Sauter, our retreat house manager, is that we are offering a second ‘Themed Retreat’ for Lent. The first one was given at the beginning of Lent from March 4th to the 8th and was very successful with a full house. The next one is will also be given by Fr. John Denburger on the Gospel of St. John for Personal Prayer and is scheduled for April 1-5.  You’ll find more information on the Retreat House Web page.

Mopping Up
At long last we can make final preparations before moving into the new, enlarged bread store. The next step will be moving in a large array of custom built shelves to line the walls and fill the open space. Hopefully by early next week the cash register and phone will be installed and stocking of the shelves will be well under way. No easy task to be sure. Here we see Br. Paul at the floor scrubbing machine.

The plan is to move the cash register to the new location tomorrow provided the cabling connections for the cash register, etc. are completed.

Lectio Notebook

If someone should ask, how do I come to God? What kind of being is God? This would be the answer: God is just as He manifested Himself in Jesus. Whoever looks upon Jesus, whoever takes into account who Jesus is, how He speaks, how He conducts Himself, what His attitudes are – such a one is perceiving God Himself.

And he will get to God by going in Jesus’ company, allowing himself to be instructed by Him, and allowing himself to become centered in that identity with which he makes his approach to Jesus. Then he is indeed on the way, in truth, and he partakes of life.

The Inner Life of Jesus
Romano Guardini