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March 10, 2019


Regional Website
At the recent US Regional Meeting held at Mepkin Abbey the assembled Abbots and Abbesses approved a redesigned Regional Web Site containing news and information about the 15 Trappist monasteries in the United States Region. It has been posted on our web site under the pull down menu, WHO WE ARE  as  U. S. OCSO Regional Website for those who would like to keep regional news.

Getting There
Even though the renovations for Merton Hall are not quite completed we opened it yesterday for our first group, a small contingent of students from the University of Rochester. It worked out very well. As things look now it seems possible that we will be able to move the bread store to its new, enlarged location by the end of the month. Here’s hoping. . .

  Coffee parlor next to new bread store.

Corridor leading from reception room to new bread store.








Lectio Notebook

I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered. With these words from the prophet Zachariah (13:7) Jesus announces the events which are about to happen. The shepherd and the sheep are part of the same scenario. The path of the shepherd will be that of the sheep also, because, like the sheep, the shepherd does not want to be spared.

And the disciples will go the way of the Master  because the Master, as the first to do so, has chosen to share the fate of the disciples. The shepherd and the sheep, the Master and his followers, Jesus and ourselves, all are united on the threshold of the suffering of Easter in which we will become real participants.

Mercy inWeakness
Andre’ Louf, OCSO