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June 24, 2018


A few days ago it was stated on our Daily Liturgical Schedule page that on Friday of this week, June 29th, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, Mass will be at 10 AM. That was incorrect. Mass will be at the regular time of 7 AM. Our regular schedule can be found on our web site at Daily Liturgical Schedule.

Preview of Coming Attractions
One of the design engineers working on our renovation project recently sent an artist’s rendition of what the new entrance to the bread store and Merton Hall will look like after construction is completed. It is designed to match the current entrance which is on the left. One of the difficulties at the moment seems to be finding a stone mason willing to tackle the job of erecting the stone columns to match the present entrance.

Since the publication last January of a decree on the beatification of Bishop Pierre Claverie of Oran and his 18 companions, including the seven Trappists of Tibhirine, who were killed in Algeria in the 1990s, the Church of Algeria has been mulling over the details of the celebration itself.

The delay will give the planning committee the opportunity to have more time to associate more broadly everyone concerned with the success of this celebration: the Holy See, the religious congregations, families, public authorities and local communities,” the bishops added. “The decision on the date for this celebration, therefore, cannot be made before this autumn. We shall inform you as soon as we decide,” they said.

Lectio Notebook

To confess Jesus, to believe him as the Son and the Revealer of the Father, is not a mental exercise. It involves the entire being and life of the believer.

Anyone who serves the Lord must follow him in his service to his Father by the totality of his obedience, and in his love for us ‘to the end’. Those who serve the Son must follow him both by their obedience to the will of the Father and their love for one another.

The Gospel of John
Stanley Marrow, SJ