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June 10, 2018


Moving Right Along

This past week the contractors on our gatehouse renovation project made a good deal of progress. The plumbers managed to rough in a good portion of the drainage system for the enlarged bathroom facilities while the carpenters made headway pouring the foundation and erecting some of the structure for the new entrance.

The idea is to have two entrances into the Abbey. The present one will be for the church and a few visiting rooms while the new one will be for the enlarged bread store and related facilities and a larger Merton Hall. There will be a corridor providing passage to the church.

Meanwhile. . .
. . .down the road a ways the long abandoned dairy barn continues                                                                                              coming down a little bit at a time all by itself.

Away For The Week
Newly reelected Abbot Gerard left yesterday for a week’s stay at our Trappistine Sisters at Our Lady of Mississippi Abbey,  Dubuque, Iowa, give them their annual retreat. He is expected back this coming Saturday.

Lectio Notebook

Conversion of the body alone would be valueless: if conversion is just a formality and never attains truth, it remains ineffective and merely gives the appearance of religious devotion. Someone who is completely focused on external realities without knowing about his interior being is greatly to be pitied.

Thinking himself to be something, whereas he is nothing, he deceives himself. Yet even conversion of the body is not be underestimated, because it provides appreciable support for spiritual conversion

Pathways of Peace – Sermon of St. Bernard
Charles Dumont, OCSO