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July 4, 2020

Fr. Stephen Muller, OCSO


On this 4th of July, we are saddened by the recent social unrest in our country. We may wonder what we can do to help. Our lives seem so hidden and insignificant. From time to time we need to be reminded that hidden lives do matter. I would like to share this passage from The Way of Divine Love, (p. 236). On November 30th, 1922 Jesus told Sr. Josepha Menendez in a private revelation:

The soul who constantly unites her life with Mine glorifies Me and does a great work for souls. Thus, if engaged on work of no value in itself . . . if she bathes it in My Blood or unites it to the work I Myself did during My mortal life, it will greatly profit souls . . . more perhaps, than if she had preached to the whole world . . . and that, whether she studies, speaks or writes . . . whether she sews, sweeps or rests . . . provided first that the act is sanctioned by obedience or duty and not done from mere caprice; secondly, that it is done in intimate union with Me, with great purity of intention and covered with My Blood.

I so much want souls to understand this! It is not the action in itself that is of value; it is the intention with which it is done. When I swept and laboured in the workshop of Nazareth, I gave as much glory to My Father as when I preached during My Public Life.

There are many souls who in the eyes of the world fill important posts and they give My Heart great glory; this is true. But I have many hidden souls who in their humble labours are very useful workers in My vineyard, for they are moved by love, and they know how to cover their deeds with supernatural gold by bathing them in My Blood. My love goes so far that My souls can draw great treasure out of mere nothing. When as soon as they wake they unite themselves to Me and offer their whole day with a burning desire that My Heart may use it for the profit of souls . . . when with love they perform their duties, hour by hour and moment by moment . . . how great is the treasure they amass in one day!

I will reveal My love to them more and more . . . it is inexhaustible, and how easy it is for a loving soul to let itself be guided by love.