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July 30, 2017


Today’s The Day. . .
. . .our new schedule goes into effect. If you haven’t seen it already go to our updated Daily Liturgical Schedule Page especially if you frequently join us for liturgical services.

As the end of his six month postulancy approaches our Fr. John Vianney Hamill will begin a five day retreat beginning this Tuesday in preparation for entering the novitiate and receiving the novices habit next Sunday, feast of the Transfiguration. We pray he will have a grace-filled, fruitful retreat!

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                                                     Lectio Notebook

The atmosphere of Jesus is luminous. “I am the light of the world”. With Jesus there is no trace of clouds or storm, of pathos and tempestuous violence, of darkness rent by lightning flashes. There is not even a partial shadow. Everything in Jesus is crystal clear. This clarity does not exclude an often keen sharpness.

There is no tragedy about Jesus, because no problem remains without a solution. The disciple’s difficulty is not to be ignorant of what he must do, but to have the strength to do it. What is called the tragedy of human existence disappears when confronted by the pure light of Christ. If we see the light, we can walk in the light.

Jesus, a Dialogue With The Savior
A Monk of the Eastern Church