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July 3, 2016


Double Celebration
Actually triple celebration is more like it. To begin with our trusty organist and cantor Fr. Justin Sheehan, OCSO celebrated the 25th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood this past Thursday, July 30th. The occasion was marked with him as  principle celebrant for the community Mass and the usual round of fraternal congratulations and best wishes throughout the day. He is pictured here at the elevation of the Host during the concelebrated anniversary Mass.

Today we continued the celebration in the refectory with a festive meal to mark the occasion. As it turns out today is also his 69th birthday which adds to the festivities.

Return Visit
On Friday our good friend and liturgist, Bill Bertolas, returned accompanied by Br. Benedict, OSB organist of Marmion Abbey, Aurora, Illinois for , a round of choir practices for the community and schola and preparing us for the next set of new choir books coming up shortly. Here we see Bill discussing matters with Abbot Gerard, Fr. Benedict, OSB, and Fr. Stephen. On the whole he seems quite pleased with the progress the choir is making. Always, of course, with room for improvement!

Time Running Out
Meanwhile the special on-line sale of 25% off of Monks’ Fruit and Nut Bars is running out. Last day of the sale is July 14th. You can order at Monks’ Bread Online.

Lectio Notebook

If you yourself are seriously searching for the specific way which you must walk to follow Jesus, then I beg you not to do so on your own, but within a Eucharistic community. I feel more and more certain that the way of Jesus can’t be found outside the community of those who believe in Jesus and make their belief visible by coming together around the Eucharistic table.

The Eucharist is the heart and center of being-the-church. Without it there is no people of God, no community of faith, no church. Often enough, you see that people who abandon the church have trouble in holding on to Jesus. This becomes understandable when you consider that the church is the Eucharistic community in which Jesus gives his body and blood as gifts that come to us from heaven and help us to find the way of love in our own lives.

Letters to Marc About Jesus
Henri Nouwen