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January 6, 2019


Safety Measure
As things turned out the entrance ramp for the new renovation had to be slightly revised in order to conform to safety codes for wheel chairs. It falls a bit short in allowable incline. In the course of a meeting with the architect, Robert Mauser, and the contractor, John Mckinnon, to redesign the ramp to make it conform to code it was decided to install a radiant heating system to eliminate ice and snow build up and make it safe in all weather.

The bad news is that the added work will delay the opening of the store and Merton Hall a bit and add to the cost but the end result of a slippery-free walkway seems worth the time and effort.

The original plans for the renovation of the present reception center called for redoing the present ramp at the entrance which has been damaged by the use of salt to melt ice and so it was decided to install radiant heating there too.

Regional Website
In case you missed it several weeks ago on Abbey News the Trappist Regional Website has published the item reporting the landscape award we received in December. You can find it at the website at Genesee Abbey Landscape Award  and entering the photo. You might also find other items of interest while on the site.

Lectio Notebook

Arise, Jerusalem, and be enlightened, for your light has come (Isaiah 60:1). The Jerusalem addressed in this text is the city whose true and supreme peace is the Lord Jesus, the city he is building out of stones, the Jerusalem on the march toward that blessed vision of her Lord which she firmly believes will one day be hers.

This Jerusalem is holy Church; it is also any religious community, any soul in a state of grace.

A Word In Season
Sermon by St. Aelred of Rievaulx