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January 28, 2017


Report From Brazil
In chapter this morning Fr. Gerard gave the community an informative update on his recent visitation there and the current state of the community complete with a slide presentation of the current church renovations. The report was very positive. He mentioned that with the number of young people in the community there is a lot of energy and the outlook for the future is bright. Thanks be to God!

From The Vatican
On Friday 26 January 2018, Pope Francis received in audience Cardinal Angelo Amato, S.D.B., Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. During the meeting, the Pope authorized the Congregation to promulgate the Decrees concerning: the martyrdom of the Servants of God Peter Claverie, Bishop of Oran, and 18 Companions, Men and Women Religious, killed, in hatred of the Faith, in Algeria from 1994 to 1996, including the seven Trappist monks of Tibhirine.

Michael Casey, OCSO
Many of our ‘monastic’ visitors who are familiar with the writings of Fr. Michael Casey and things monastic may be interested in the following entry in the Benedictine web site:

Good Sam Sister Carmel Posa edits the Cistercian Publications book, A Not-So-Unexciting Life: Essays on Benedictine History and Spirituality in Honor of Fr. Michael Casey OCSO. It is now available in a variety of formats.

S. Carmel SGS presents essays by 18 Benedictine women, men, and lay scholars, including Columba Stewart OSB, recognizing Michael Casey‘s contribution to Benedictine and Cistercian life for the past 40 years. Casey is surely the most influential Cistercian writer since Fr. Louis Thomas Merton OCSO.

Lectio Notebook

It has been remarked, love is creative attention to the need of the other, then it is creativity, my attention, my perception of the need here and now that determines the gift of myself. Others are free to judge the particular instance as they please; theologians and moralists can propose methods of progress and prescribe exercises for improvement.

Others might judge me capable of more. But for me, here and how, this is all I have. It is the totality of my donation of self to the other that determines whether or not I do indeed love as I have loved you (John 13:34).

The Gospel of John
Stanley B. Marrow, SJ