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January 22, 2017


Quiet Week
Not much going on this week worth mentioning due in great measure to the arrival of that nasty stomach virus that has been making the rounds about town. In keeping with the monastic custom of sharing all things all but a few of the brethren had a share in it. Some more so than others. Only a handful of the brethren were spared. As the Lord would have it not everyone was down and out at the same time so community life was able to continue.

So much for the positive benefits of this wimpy winter weather we’ve been having this year with temperatures soaring above the 50’s. Hopefully this will build our immunity from further episodes for the rest of the season.

After prayer and discernment our Br. Peter Quinlan received a dispensation from vows the other day so that he could return to his family and help them in their need. He is the only one in a position to come to their aid in their difficulties. Under the circumstances it seems the right thing to do. He departed after receiving a blessing at the conclusion of the community Mass. May the Lord be with him and his family!


Jesus reminds his Father also that some at least of those whom the Father entrusted to his care have listened to his words and trusted them. They have believed that Jesus does indeed speak for God and that his wisdom deserves to be embraced.

This has not been easy for them because unselfish loving is very difficult, and the alternatives are very attractive. Nonetheless, they have trusted the words that the Father gave him and they have received them and know in truth that I came from you; and they have believed that you sent me (John 17:8).

It may be worth mentioning again that these words of Jesus are not about rituals and doctrines, important as those things are, but they represent a call to total self-giving in loving devotion to others. This is the message that comes from the Father, and is therefore both incredibly challenging and utterly trustworthy.

A Mystical Portrait of Jesus
Demetrius R. Dumm, OSB