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January 13, 2019


Welcome Back

Having been away from the monastery for an extended period of continued prayer and discernment we were happy to receive Br. Placid (Randy Larkin) back into the community earlier this week. After a warm welcome he began an abbreviated period of postulancy after which he will reenter the novitiate. And of course, took up work in the specialty bakery once again.

Too Late
It was hoped we could get the walkway for the new entrance finished before winter set in but we didn’t quite make it. In keeping with the safety codes the walkway had to be extended into the parking lot in order to get the proper length. Working valiantly against  time the contractors had it all prepared for the installation of the radiant heat pipes and the pouring of cement but along came freezing temperatures and snow calling a halt to the work for now.

The target date for completing the interior renovation is mid-February. Even if the new walkway is not completed by then we can use the present front entrance to the reception room and the interior hallway for entrance into the renovated area. Here’s hoping. . .

Lectio Notebook

Above all, to love is to serve. One who refuses to serve cannot be a disciple of Christ. One who does serve, meanwhile, obtains the promise of eternal salvation. Service is the path to happiness and holiness.

The triumph, the glory of Christ reaches us through sacrifice and service. There is no greater love than that of one who gives his life for his friends-and it is not only by dying that we give our lives. We give it no less by serving.

Love is the world’s salvation. It builds up society and prepares us for eternity. O young people of the world: May love and service be the founding principles of your lives!

Living Wisdom
Christiana Piccardo, OCSO