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Homily for Saturday July 10, 2021 – The 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Fr. Justin Sheehan, OCSO

Saturday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

No disciple is above his teacher, and even Mary, the most holy of all the disciples, is not above Jesus, who was her teacher as well as her Son. It was enough for Mary that she become like Jesus her teacher. As a beloved disciple, Mary learned to do what Christ did from the beginning of his public ministry: to bind up hearts that are broken, to comfort all those who mourn.

Even when her own Immaculate Heart was broken at the foot of the Cross, Mary did not cease to comfort others who were also mourning, for that is what disciples do. By remaining at the foot of the Cross, Mary acknowledged Christ in the presence of his executioners, and Jesus, in turn, acknowledged her before his heavenly Father by saying, Woman, behold your son; son, behold your Mother.

At the death of her only Son, Mary learned from Jesus that she was to become the mother of countless sons and daughters. In each of them, she learned to see the face of Christ her Son: in the parents who have lost a child as she did, in the poorest of the poor, in those whom only a mother could love. To everyone she learned to offer solidarity in suffering, and the consolation that there is no need to be afraid because every human being is worth more than many sparrows.

At every Eucharist, beloved disciples gather around the altar, just as a small band of disciples were gathered at the foot of the Cross. And just as Mary was present at the Cross, so she is present at every Eucharist, which is why all of the Eucharistic Prayers invoke Mary by name at every Mass.

Because the resurrection of her Son was her greatest consolation, Mary learned to console her children in all the afflictions that they bring to this celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We too can learn to behold her Son under the appearances of bread and wine. May his Body and Blood touch our lips, that our wickedness may be removed, and our sin purged. Let us receive Jesus into our hearts as Mary received him into her arms, and know that we need never be afraid, for the eyes of our faith behold her Son, and there is no fear when He is there.