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February 3, 2019


When Traveling
If you’ve ever had a difficult time trying to locate a Church for Mass, especially Sunday Mass, your difficulties are over thanks to Vince Carney. He has created a web site listing the times for daily Mass for all the Catholic Churches anywhere in the United States. The listing can be found at the Catholic Mass Times web site.

From The Retreat House
Dear Friends,

Wednesday March 6 marks the first day of Lent this year. The Lenten Season has many of us more focused on scriptural prayer. Bethlehem Retreat House will be holding a four-night, themed retreat March 4-8. The theme of the retreat is The Gospel of John for Sacred Reading and Personal Prayer.

While primarily a silent retreat grounded in the rhythm of the monastery, Fr. John Denberger will hold retreat talks on the theme. You can see the retreat schedule and find out more details by clicking the link Find Out More. Participants limited to 16.

Phase Two
This week we  began phase two of our renovation project. That is removing partitions separating the present reception room from the corridor leading to the renovated area. This will allow access to the renovated area from the present reception room and/or from the renovated area to the reception room and Church.

The first step in removing the partitions and flooring is asbestos abatement required by law. The area that is being removed is isolated by an air tight enclosure and controlled air circulation for the safety of both the workers and the public. A rather messy operation. And costly!

Lectio Notebook

As members of the body of Christ, we have all been called to participate in the church’s mission in these ways. Throughout our lives, we will be given many opportunities to proclaim the gospel, teach others about Jesus, and pray expectantly for physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

Let us be careful not to allow fear, complacency or doubts about God’s power to block us from becoming vessels of the grace of Christ. Let us pray that “the church, the kingdom of Christ, now present in mystery, grows visibly in the world through the power of God”(Constitution on the Church, 3). Let us beg God to remove from our hearts any barriers to desiring the full work of the church, which is the work of Christ, to take place.

Matthew – A Devotional Commentary
Leo Zanchettin, General Editor