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February 17, 2020


Schedule Change
The only Abbey News this week is that since recent changes in the use of our community internet Abbey news updates will be posted on a weekday, usually Mondays, instead of Sundays. Other than that, all is well

Lectio Notebook

The voice of God speaks to us every day, if we have ears to listen. What we hear, if we hear anything, can be a source of challenge to our innate tendency to embrace as easy going lifestyle.

But challenge is not always the way that God deals with us. More often, God draws us to transcend our limits by giving us a taste of what lies beyond the world of sense, stirring up in our hearts a mysterious experience of delight that causes us to drop what we are doing and to look more closely.

It is a little like Moses being attracted to the burning bush. We experience something that draws us deeper into its mystery. In fact, this is what the word “mystery” originally meant – something so fascinating that we are drawn to penetrate ever more intensely into its reality.  

The Road to Eternal Life
Michael Casey, OCSO