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February 17, 1920


Opening Delayed
The original plan was to begin moving into the new, spacious Abbey Bread Store and open it for business in mid-November. Once things were operating new items would gradually be added until the expansion was completed.

But it isn’t to be. We’ve since been informed that in order to open it to the public along with Merton Hall  a “CFO” is required. That is, a Certificate of Occupancy. This is to certify that the space is safe for occupancy by the public. At the moment the fire alarm system is incomplete due to a wiring problem that hopefully will be solved shortly. Once that is finished we can begin the transfer to the new store.


The tentative plan is to celebrate a ‘grand opening’ Saturday May 4th which would include an organ recital and reception to thank donors. The plan is to begin with the organ recital in Church at 4:30 followed by Vespers at 5:00, blessing of the new store then a reception for the guests. Stay tuned.

Abbot Away
On Monday this week Fr. Gerard will leave for the US Regional meeting for all US superiors which is being be held at Mepkin Abbey, South Carolina. The purpose of the meeting is to prepare for the General Chapter for the whole Order to be held in Assisi, Italy from September 2-23, 2020. He is due to return Wednesday the 27th. We pray for successful meeting and traveling for everyone.

Lectio Notebook

Living faith is real knowledge. St. Peter is strong on this point: Grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ (2 Peter 3:18). But it is living knowledge, the knowledge of love, the Biblical knowledge of God, not the dead knowledge of theologians who don’t pray.

It is only in prayer that we acquire this living knowledge of the Faith. It is only in prayerful meditation that we begin not merely to “know” the truth or “understand” it, but to savor it, to taste it by connaturality, and to hold it ever more firmly with the will.

Faith is the substance of the things we must hope for, a conviction about things we cannot see (Hebrews 11:1). As John said, we have come to believe and to know (John 6:69).

The Whole Man: Meditations on the Life of Christ
Fr. William Reams, OCSO