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October 30, 2016


Schedule Change
Tuesday, November 1st we’ll be joining our Catholic sisters and brothers along with  members of the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as some protestant churches, such as Anglican, Lutheran and Anglican churches in the annual celebration of All Saints Day. Since it is a Holy Day of Obligation here in the U.S. we will be celebrating Mass at 9:30 AM.

For a rather fulsome treatment of the history and meaning of the Feast see ALL SAINTS DAY on the Catholics On-line website.

NOTE: There is no change in the time for Mass on the following day, All Souls Day. We will have the blessings of our graves integrated with Vespers. For a list of our deceased along with a brief bio of each visit Deceased of Genesee.

Cistercian Ordo Update
Those of you who follow the Cistercian Ordo for praying the Liturgy of the Hours will find the Ordo for 2016-2017 on the OCSO web page. The English edition is at: English Ordo and the Latin edition at Latin Ordo.

Lectio Notebook

Jesus wants nothing less than that we enjoy, in the measure possible to mere mortals, the same vital relationship with the Father which is his own prerogative as divine Son.

In a certain sense, Jesus wants us to look beyond himself to the One whose loving goodness gave us life in the first place and whose loving goodness enables us to make most of the gift of life.

People who seek holiness for its ow sake are in grave danger of pursuing a selfish enterprise. Jesus prays that we may discover the goodness of his Father and then, in the freedom and confidence that comes from that discovery, that we choose to be a loving gift in the lives of others.

When that happens, holiness will follow of its own accord and, at the same time, the ever present danger of pride will be eliminated.

A Mystical Portrait of Jesus
Demetrius Dumm, OSB