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December 29, 2019


Christmas Celebration
In keeping with our annual Christmas Celebration we will have a Gaudeamus (let us rejoice) after Vespers today. That is a talking supper. The other annual talking supper is in connection with the celebration of Easter. Normally these are the only occasions in the year when speaking is permitted during a meal.

More Appointments
This past week it was announced that come January 1st Fr. John Denburger will be our new prior and Br. David Baumbach our new subprior. This will necessitate some rearrangements of places in choir  which will take place later this week.

 Lectio Notebook

Granted there is so much to admire in our world, how can the Author of it all fail to arouse infinitely greater admiration in those who discover him? The quest to know God is never futile since God has indeed revealed himself and allowed our minds to know him.

The Father has made himself known in his Son who came into our midst and became one of us. The Father has given us a portrait of himself in the human face of Jesus. He has made himself accessible to our gaze while preserving the mystery inherent to his divine being, a mystery withal into which he allows us to enter.

Abba Father
Jean Galot, SJ