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December 16, 2018


Liturgical Readings Update
To assist those who prepare readings for the Liturgy of the Hours, Fr. Justin has sent three PDF files containing the list of Scripture Readings for Vigils, Lauds and Vespers, and Sext for every day of the liturgical year 2018-2019. These readings reflect the liturgical calendar of the Abbey of Genesee. The files can be obtained from the Internet under the heading: Daily Office Readings.

Developing Organic Farming
This past Friday our bakery manager, Adam Barrett, shared with members of the community his plans for continuing expanding our organic farming. Last year he had a successful year growing organic vegetables for a local CSA program. What is CSA? It is the abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture: an arrangement for customers to buy food that is grown or produced by local farms and businesses, or the system of producing and buying organically grown food.

Last year he tried growing organic vegetables for local sales on a small experimental scale which proved highly successful. The plan for this year is to develop it further and hire a full time manager for the operation. This is an excellent opportunity for us to redeem unused farm land and provide top quality, healthy vegetables. Stay tuned for updates. For further information contact Adam at  adambarret@gmail.com    

Lectio Notebook

What can separate us from the love of God? Nothing. All throughout our lives he whispers and calls – he even shouts at times – because he wants to share his life with us. God’s love for us is such that he does more than just maintain and sustain our lives.

He is always at work to form us into more perfect sons and daughters filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and united as one body under Christ, our head.

Matthew – A Devotional Commentary
Leo Zanchettin, General Editor