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August 7, 2016


Mass for Monday, August 15th
Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, will be at 9:30 AM

Building Committee
For the past few months the building committee has been meeting with our architect, Tim Brinduse, to discuss plans for the renovation of the abbey’s reception area. At our meeting a few days ago a good deal of progress was made in finalizing the schematic plans for the renovation of the store, reception area, Merton Hall and various visiting rooms and offices, though more meetings will be required before final details can be worked out and construction plans finalized.


The new plans call for a relocation and enlargement of the store, larger Merton Hall meeting room and relocation of the smaller parlors used for confessions and meetings with guests. The major change will be moving the store from the south end of the building to the north end and providing a separate front entrance to the store. The idea is to create a quieter, more contemplative entrance to the church and reception area from the rather busy and noisier store area. Both areas will beĀ  connected by a long corridor. It is hoped that we can begin construction in January.

This Week, Fr. John will go to Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville to assist with the abbatial election. He is due to leave on Tuesday and return Thursday.
Next Week, Fr. Jerome will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his priestly ordination at Mass on Sunday, the 14th. CORRECTION: IT’S THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF FR. JEROME’S SOLEMN PROFESSION AS A TRAPPIST MONK – MEA CULPA!

Where Has All The Silence Gone?
Ever wonder whatever has happened to silence? If so you are not alone. There’s a thought provoking article that points to some of the problems and the consequences of less and less silence. You’ll find it on the Global Research web site in an article by Edward Curtain, The Disappearance of Silence.

Recommended Reading
Speaking of good and worthwhile reading a book that recently came our way is one we highly recommend for good spiritual reading. Authored by well known speaker and spiritual writer, Ronald Rolheiser, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, it is recommended by several other writers in Christian spirituality including Richard Rohr, O.F.M. who writes “Here you will find years of reflection, prayer, and a life in deep union with the mystery of death, suffering, and the resurrection that comes with it”.

If you are interested in reading further reviews and the possibility of ordering it you will find it by clicking on the titleĀ  The Passion and the Cross on Amazon’s web site.

Lectio Notebook

The identity of the author of the Letter of Jude is uncertain; many think he was an obscure person in the early Church. His letter of only twenty-six verses is a warning against the false teachers of the day.

The voice of this ordinary author soars in its beauty, reminding his listeners to live in the power of love and to wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 21). He cautions us about listening to voices that say only what we want to hear. He encourages us to listen to the voices, often in unexpected people, that challenge us with the Good News of Jesus.

The mercy of God is found in the ordinary and odd moments of our life. And it must be found in us. Each of us stands on the stage of life. Someone is waiting in your life. Who might be surprised to hear the Good News from your voice?

Magnificat Year of Mercy Companion
Msgr. Gregory E. S. Malovetz