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August 5, 2018


Growing Wild

Br. James preparing field for planting

Around the Abbey property are several sizeable fields that are not suitable for farming and require cutting with the brush hog rather than just let go wild.

Looking East from bell towers

One of our employees came up with the bright idea of converting them into wild flower gardens. Some of the advantages being they are low maintenance, invite butterflies, bees, birds, etc. and are just beautiful to behold.

This year we experimented with a field in front of the Abbey bordering the cemetery. It will take some time for all the flowers to blossom but it is off to a good start.

Under New Management
As of August 1st Adam Barrett, our bakery manager, was appointed general manager of our bread store. One of the ideas being that since the bakery and bread store are so closely related it would be more efficient for one person to oversee and manage both operations. Especially with the forthcoming expansion of the store.

Our trusty manager of the past three years, Br. David Baumbach, will assist him helping out with  general inventory and  purchase of the books. Any questions or concerns you may have contact Adam at adam.barrett@monksbread.com


John (the Evangelist) stresses importance of a personal union with Jesus, but this does not mean that he minimizes the significance of community, and it is only in community that one can benefit from the service of witnessing.

God can come to us in many ways, of course, but the normal was is through other people. This makes good sense when we realize that paying attention to others is part of that unselfishness which is the essence of our communion with God.

A Mystical Portrait of Jesus
Demetrius. R. Dumm, OSB