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August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015

MASS 4:00 PM

Monks’ Bread is Growing!                                                             

Fr. Isaac Baking Biscotti in the Specialty Bakery

Br. Paul Mixing Cookie Dough in Specialty Bakery

As it grows the monks have handed over some of the day to day operation of the bread bakery to employees… and concentrated their energies on the Specialty Bakery, developing among other products, a new line of fruit and nut bars and, more recently, several varieties of biscotti. “Biscotti,” a traditional Italian cookie, means “twice baked.” They are often dunked in coffee, but depending on the variety, also go well with wine, ice cream, salads… Monks’ Biscotti is available in Anise Almond, Dark Chocolate, Cranberry Orange and Blueberry Lemon.

Both the bars and biscotti can be purchased at the Abbey store or on line at www.Monksbread.com.
Those wishing to buy larger quantities at wholesale prices contact Fr. Isaac at

Coming and Going
A few days ago Fr. John Denburger returned from our sisters in Santa Rita, Arizona, St. Rita’s Abbey, where he was filling in as their chaplain for two weeks while their regular chaplain was away. On Tuesday, Sept. 1st Abbot Gerard will travel to our sisters in Wrentham, MA, Mt. St. Mary’s Abbey where he will be conducting the regular visitation of the community. He is due back Wednesday, Sept. 9th.

Here Comes Everybody!

Message from one of our bread store cashiers: “There was a group driving the convertibles (14 of them). They stopped at the Abbey to visit the chapel & the bread store last Saturday. It was so interesting to see them all. I told them if they did not mind I could take their pictures & perhaps you would find them news worthy to share  on the web. They were more than happy to rearrange their cars and lined up for the photos. The group included people from different parts of the country. Every year, they travel together for a few days. The Abbey was one of their stops.”

Lectio Notebook

If we understand Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan as his total dedication to his call as the non-violent suffering Servant of God, and finally as the great victor who conquers evil and all its poison through the power of radical love, then that is the first indispensable step to the full understanding of our own call at baptism.

If Jesus at his baptism perceived the call of the Father, you are my beloved Son, on you my favor rests (Isaiah 42:1), and correspondingly committed himself completely to his ‘will’, to the Father’s plan of salvation, to conquer evil through radical goodness, then we also understand our sublime call of baptism that way, for the salvation of the world and thus also for our salvation.

Our Father
Bernard Haring, CSsR