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Abbey News: August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015

Fr. Sanjay Lopes

New Postulant
This past Monday evening we were happy to welcome Fr. Sanjay Lopes, SDB back into our community as a postulant. Some of you may recall that he was with us as an observer for five months during the summer of 2013.

Fr. Sanjay, 42 years of age, is originally from Mumbai, India and currently a Salesian priest. Having completed his process of discernment and overcoming all the paper work involved in obtaining a visa  his return brings our novitiate population to three: a novice, an observer (also from India) and himself. Needless to say he was warmly welcomed by the community.

Recently Richard Mossotti, Director of Catholic television for the Diocese of Syracuse, asked if we’d be part of their Summer Pilgrimage web page depicting various Catholic religious communities and places of prayer and pilgrimage in the area. Happy to oblige we agreed to do a brief presentation of monastic life here at Genesee joining the five other presentations on YouTube. You’ll find the 3 minute video at Abbey of the Genesee.

Lectio Notebook

As soon as people, singly and collectively, forget thanks and above all cease to thank God through their whole conduct, then the right of the strongest, the insistence on one’s own benefit holds sway! Every selfish inclination with a demand for one’s own benefit leads to dispossession of another and to one’s own radical estrangement.

The consequences of selfish inclinations, in denying that our being before God is a gift, leads to fatal rivalry, to jealousy of someone else’s, position, rapacity, enmity, violence. Not only are things and situations desecrated by this, but the human person itself, who is degraded to the prisoner of his own selfishness , is alienated, desecrated, besmirched.

Our Father
Bernard Haring C.Ss.R.