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April 5, 2020

April 5, 2020

Good News From Bread Store For Our Neighbors – From Minh, Store Manager
The Abbey store, like grocery stores and restaurants, is providing a drive-thru service to help provide Monks’ bread and other food from our store to the local community, especially senior citizens who cannot get Monks’ bread at big and crowded grocery stores.

Please call the Abbey store @ 243-0660 ext 27 to place the order. A cashier will call you back with the cost and Tuesday & Saturday pick up instruction to make sure you can get your food and be safe! Please place payment (cash or check only) in an envelope.

God bless, stay healthy and be safe!

Lectio Notebook 

The great mystery of God’s compassion is that in his compassion, in his entering with us into the condition of a slave, he reveals himself to us as God. His becoming a servant is not an exception to his being God. His self-emptying and humiliation are not a step away from his true nature.

His becoming as we are and dying on a cross is not a temporary interruption of his divine existence. Rather, in the emptied and humbled Christ we encounter God, we see who God really is, we come to know his true divinity.

Show Me The Way,
Henri Nouwen