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April 24, 2016

Abbey News

Abbatial Absence
Abbot Gerard traveled to Novo Mundo, our daughter house in Brazil, to make the visitation of our brothers there. According to the Constitutions of the Order the Father Immediate of each community is to make a visitation every two years to see how things are going. He left this past Tuesday, April 19th, and will return Wednesday, May 4th. In chapter this morning Fr. Isaac reported that Fr. Gerard arrived safely and the visitation is going well. According to ‘unofficial reports’ the community is doing very well.

Community Mass at Novo Mundo. Note similarities of their Abbey Church with ours here at Genesee: stone work, round altar, use of stained glass.  The big difference is their altar is facing all the people while ours is in the middle of the church.

Speaking of daughter house the latest message from our Br. Patrick currently helping out at Illah in Nigeria: he has been appointed as novice master there. No small challenge with four novices, four postulants and four observers!

Schedule Change
Shortly we will be celebrating the solemnity of Ascension Thursday, May 5th. Since it is a Holy Day of Obligation Mass will be at 9:30 AM and the bread store will be closed until after Mass @10:45 and remain open all day.

Lectio Notebook

Out of this tremendous, active, creative, self-giving love of the Trinity, living within us, we are to be transformed by so great a love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to live for others. Thus the action of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples goes far beyond any ritual, liturgical action we are to perform annually. It even goes far beyond ourselves imitating Jesus by seeking to perform the most menial tasks for others.

Its power lies in the symbol of how we also, to the degree that we have been transformed by the self-emptying love of the triune God, as manifested by Christ and recognized by the outpouring of the Spirit, must live for others in a similar kenotic (self-sacrificing) love. This is the way we prove to others we have become truly children of God, that we can love others as Jesus, the Father and His Spirit love us at all times and in all events of our human lives.

Entering Into The Heart of Jesus
George A. Maloney, S