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April 23, 2019

Fr. John Denburger, OCSO

Tuesday of Easter Octave
Acts 2: 36 – 41; Ps 33; John 20: 11 – 18

I believe we can say that the intensity of Mary Magdalene’s grief is directly proportionate to the intensity of her love, her gratitude to the One who delivered her from seven demons. His terrible crucifixion was overwhelming; throughout His agony she was one of those who stood near the cross.

Her grief is so great that she does not recognize the angels as angels – no astonishment – no fear – no amazement – she speaks with them, questions them as if they we her neighbors. Her grief is so great that she does not recognize the Lord Jesus until He speaks her name – with a gentle intensity that broke through her grief.

His “Mary” – surely He spoke with affection – and her “Rabbouni”, my teacher – she replied with deep affection as well. His word to her is very personal as is her mission: “Go to My brothers and tell them….” And she does so with joy – and with amazement “I have seen the Lord!” This encounter with the Risen Lord so very personal is now extroverted, shown, manifested to the apostles. As someone has written of her “she became an apostle to the apostles!”

In all this, there is a lesson for us on our own encounters with the Lord, the Risen One who comes to us in prayer, in Lectio Divina, in the Holy Eucharist, through others as He wills because of His personal love. He calls us by name and graces us for our lives. And in all this there is a call to extravert what we receive, to show it, to manifest it by how we live and this is true belief and true gratitude.

Let us pray for the grace, the light to recognize His call, His presence. Let us pray, too, for the courage, the gratitude to live the gift.