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April 23, 2017


Specialty Bakery
In our weekly chapter meeting this morning, Fr. Isaac gave us a progress report on developments in our fledgling specialty bakery which will be celebrating its first birthday next month. Using power point he gave us a detailed report on the financial situation of the operation along with the introduction of new products. Thanks to the support and expertise of outside help along with the support and cooperation of the community the first year has been very successful and shows promise of continued growth.

One of the reasons for developing the specialty bakery along side the bread bakery is to provide work for the brothers unable to work in the bread operation due to health and aging in keeping with St. Benedict’s Rule that has the community earn its living by the work of their own hands as much as possible.

At this point the future of the operation is bright as we continue to work at improving the quality of our products, always a challenge as we upgrade the equipment as needed, and grow in baking experience. If you haven’t seen it already you are invited to visit the web site at Monks’ Bread Specialty Bakery.

Visitation Coming Up
Tomorrow afternoon our Father Immediate, Abbot Elias Dietz, will arrive to begin the community’s visitation. Dom Elias is Abbot of Our Lady of Gethsemani, the mother house of Genesee. According to the Order’s Constitutions each monastery of the Order is to have a formal visitation from the Father Immediate every two years.

As stated in the Constitutions The purpose of the regular visitation is to strengthen and supplement the pastoral action of the local abbot, to correct where necessary, and to motivate the brothers to lead the Cistercian life with renewed spiritual fervor (#75:2). As such it is an excellent opportunity for a community review of life, sort of a checkup on how well we are maintaining our monastic observances and to recommend any changes or improvements the Visitator deems necessary.

Pictured here is Dom Elias conversing with a visiting Brother from Awhum at the last visitation in 2015. Pray that we will have a grace-filled visitation again this year.

Junior Director’s Meeting
Also tomorrow our Junior Director, Fr. John Denburger, will leave for Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Carlton, Oregon – near Portland – for a meeting of the Junior Directors in the USA region. He is due to return next Monday, May 1st.

Lectio Notebook

Indeed, mercy is the central nucleus of the Gospel message; it is the very name of God, the Face with which he revealed himself in the Old Covenant and fully in Jesus Christ, the incarnation of creative and redemptive Love. May this merciful love also shine on the face of the Church and show itself through the sacraments, in particular that of Reconciliation, and in works of charity, both communitarian and individual. May all that the Church says and does manifest the mercy God feels for man, and therefore for us. When the Church has to recall an unrecognized truth or a betrayed good, she always does so impelled by merciful love, so that men and women may have life and have it abundantly (cf. Jn 10:10). From Divine Mercy, which brings peace to hearts, genuine peace flows into the world, peace between different peoples, cultures and religions.

Pope Benedict XVI
Regina Caeli message,
Divine Mercy Sunday, March 30, 2008