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April 22, 2018


Off To A Good Start
This past week the first stage of the gatehouse renovation project began in earnest. As usual for major renovation projects the work began with the removal of all furnishings, tearing out of walls that are in the way, ripping up of floor coverings, etc. This phase of the work includes only the north end of the gatehouse building consisting of Merton Hall, the four visiting rooms running along side Merton Hall the offices at the end of the building and five garage bays. The entrance to the abbey, bread store and Church remain open.


From The Bakery
The word is out that in addition to the other bakery sales all Monks’ Bread is on sale for a limited time at 30% off. You’ll find the ad on the Monks’ Bread page. NOTE: SALE PRICES AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH ON-LINE STORE AT MONKS’ BREAD.COM.

Lectio Notebook

God is love, and the cross of Christ is the supreme proof, the historical demonstration. There are two ways of manifesting one’s love toward someone, said Nicholas Cabasilas, an Eastern Byzantine author.

The first consists of doing good to the person loved, of giving gifts; the second, much more demanding, consists of suffering for him. God has loved us in the first way, that is, with a munificent love, in creation, when he filled us with gifts within and outside of us.

He has loved us with a suffering love in the redemption, when he invented his own annihilation, suffering for us the most terrible torments, for the purpose of convincing us of his love. Therefore, it is on the cross that one must now contemplate the truth that “God is love”.

The Fire of Christ’s Love
Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM, Cap.