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April 17, 2016


Visit of Procurator General
We are happy to have our Our Order’s Procurator General, Dom Timothy Kelly, visiting with us this weekend. He is remembered by our seniors as he was our Father Immediate during the years 1973-2000 when he was abbot of Gethsemani, our mother house. Among his many duties is that of liaison between the Holy See and the Order.  He has been Procurator General since 2002.

In chapter this morning he gave us an interesting, brief rundown on his work as Procurator General with communities throughout the Order including our daughter houses in Nigeria. Tomorrow he departs for the Canadian Regional Meeting.

Renewed On-Line Store
For the past several weeks we’ve been working on updating our on-line store web store and moving its operations to our spacious, newly renovated specialty bakery department. Along with providing a streamlined and efficient operation the new location is at the Abbey adjacent to the bread bakery itself making it more convenient for the brothers working there.

The on-line web store site has been completely redone and was posted this past Friday. The new site is simpler and more accessible focusing on our own products baked here at the Abbey, including all varieties of our popular Monks’ Bread, and a variety of biscotti, and fruit and nut bars.

Being the exclusive on-line distributor of Monks’ Bread and our Specialty products we are able to offer the best prices on the web. We invite you to visit our  Monks’ Bread Online Store for a complete catalog of our Bread and Specialty Products and pass on the address to any friends and family you think may like to see it.

Cistercian Publications
The following item recently appeared on the Benedictine What’s New Website: “This year Cistercian Publications announces that all of St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s works will finally be available in English. Also featured in the latest catalog is Gert Melville’s comprehensive survey, The World of Medieval Monasticism: Its History and Forms of Life, ‘the best of guides to the world of medieval monasticism.’ Additionally the website offers three pages of items on sale.”

If you are interested in general monastic and specifically Cistercian writings you are invited to check out our Monastic Publications page.


Thirst is one of our most primitive experiences. Remove all drink from our lives and we will thirst and soon die. How better to describe our relationship toward God?

We have been made to thirst for God. Yet God is always giving Himself to us through Jesus and the release of His Spirit to “drink”. Jesus is always inviting all those who thirst, Come to me and I will give you living waters. We come to know that to thirst for a greater union with the indwelling Trinity is unto our total health and happiness.

The more we thirst, the more we can drink in the allness of God’s goodness, beauty and very divine life, and the more also we should thirst to lead others to drink.

Entering Into The Heart of Jesus
George A. Maloney, SJ