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April 14, 2019


Bread Store Schedule Change 

Holy Thursday –  Open 9 am – Close 4 pm
Good Friday- Closed All Day
Holy Saturday – Open 9 am – Close 4 pm
Easter Sunday – As Usual
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
After Mass to 12:00 Noon
Closed All Afternoon

Holy Week Retreat 
Today we begin our usual Holy Week Retreat. It is a quiet week of preparation for the celebration of Easter with a simpler schedule, more emphasis on silence and solitude and no assigned work except what is absolutely necessary. The special schedule for the celebration of the Sacred Triduum can be found at Holy Week Schedule page.

Blessing of Renovated Gatehouse Area 
Finally, the day has come when we can ‘officially’ open the renovated bread store and Merton Hall.  We will do so with a blessing of the area on Saturday, May 4th. The schedule will include
4:30 organ recital by John Morabito, Diocesan Organist;
5:00 Vespers;
5:45 Procession to Merton Hall and bread store followed by reception;
6:45 End of Reception;
7:30 Compline.

Due to limitations of space attendance will be limited to special invitation.

Lectio Notebook

In the cross, God is found to be active and present in the midst of extraordinary evil, suffering and death – drawing good out of evil, salvation out of suffering, and new life out of death. The realms of human failure and tragedy are now revealed to be within the compass of divine activity and transformation.

It its own way the cross of Christ captures the paradox in life that those moments in which God seems most absent can be recognized as moments in which God is most present. The silence of God at Calvary does not denote absence. Instead, silence and signs, darkness and light, suffering and joy are now equally the location of God’s creative presence and activity.

Christ At the Center
Dermot A. Lane