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Abbey Psalter

A number of  guests who join us for the liturgy have discovered something of the riches of the Psalter through chanting the psalms along with the monastic choir. They were aided in this discovery by The Abbey Psalter provided for their use in the Abbey church.

This book was printed from a text that had been artfully copied out by hand at the Abbey. The original was done in a non-classified style using India ink with a #2 1/2 or 3 pen point. The work took some four hundred hours spread out over ten months, from February to December, 1974. It is done in such a way as to suggest something of the personal character that suits the meditative recital of the psalms, and something too of the peace and silence that monks seek to bring to their common prayer.

This present edition of The Abbey Psalter is being published with the hope of providing some small help to others who may wish to make use of the psalms in their prayer with others or in private. It also makes for a fine gift item. We wish to contribute by means of this edition to make the Psalter better known and more readily accessible to the people of God. In this work are to be found the very words and images that have filled the memories and imaginations of generations of Christians.

The The Abbey Psalter may be ordered from Amazon.com at The Abbey Psalter