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Abbey News: August 9, 2015

Sunday, August 9th

Even though Saturday’s Solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady, August 15th, is not a Holy Day of Obligation this year we will celebrate Mass at 9:30 AM as on Sundays and Holy Days. Being the patronal feast of the Order it is a day of special rejoicing for all Cistercians. Also coming up this week is the Feast of Our Father, St. Bernard, another special day of celebration, though Mass remains at 6 AM.

Dom Elias of Gethsemani & Br. Christian of Awhum engaged in an informal discussion in the chapter room after the office of Terce

This past week our Father Immediate, Dom Elias Dietz, OCSO, Abbot of Gethsemani, our motherhouse, was with us for our Regular Visitation as mandated by the Constitutions of the Order which states that a Regular Visitation is to take place every two years. During the course of the week Dom Elias met privately with each member of the community. Yesterday he met with the Abbot’s Council and in chapter this morning presented his first draft of the final report to the community. This was followed by a lively and constructive discussion during which clarifications were made. Dom Elias will present the final draft in chapter before Compline this evening before sending it off to the Abbot General. We now have several interesting topics for further community dialogs.

According to our Constitutions The purpose of the regular visitation is to strengthen and supplement the pastoral action of the local abbot, to correct it where necessary and to motivate the brothers to lead the Cistercian life with a renewed spiritual fervor. This requires the active cooperation of the community. The visitor is faithfully to observe the precepts of law, the spirit of the Charter of Charity and the norms of the General Chapter. The purpose for the visitation was fully realized and for this we are grateful to Abbot Elias.

Wednesday of this week our trusty porter, Fr. John Denberger, will leave to join our sisters at Santa Rita Abbey in Arizona for two weeks to act as their chaplain. This will give their regular chaplain the opportunity to return to his monastery for a brief vacation/retreat.


Since the time of the Church Fathers, countless books have sought to expound the Lord’s Prayer, the inexhaustible bequest of Jesus to his disciples. For the whole of our life to our death, each of us should be, and continue to become, a commentary on the Lord’s Prayer.

We are always growing and seeking our identity in this prayer, which is given to all of us yet assigned uniquely to each of us, at once a prayer of intercession, praise, and a program for our lives.

Our Father
Bernard Haring