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Abbey News: June 28, 2015

Going and Coming
On Wednesday of this week, our hermit day for July, Fr. John Denburger will travel to St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, Massachusetts to give the community their annual retreat. He will return Sunday, July 12th.

Sunday of this past week Fr. Isaac returned from the conference celebrating the 900thanniversary of Clairvaux Abbey in France, St. Bernard’s monastery. In chapter this morning he gave us a brief rundown of the meeting along with an interesting slide presentation of scenes from the meeting and on the monastery itself.

Virtual Tour
A professional photographer has creatively put together a panoramic tour of a few of our monastery buildings and gardens including the reconstructed church. Many people request a tour of the abbey but that is not possible because of the monastic enclosure and the need to preserve the peace and quiet of the monastery.

The next best thing seems to be a photographic tour which we are testing. You will find the link to it in our Photo Gallery. If you are interested go to: Virtual Tour of Monastery.

Lectio Notebook

Sts. John and Paul never tire of repeating that Christ came into the world that we may have ever more true and lasting life, and have it abundantly. The most fundamental question we can ask ourselves as servants of the Kingdom, then, is whether a specific word or action of ours is apt to communicate the divine life or not.

The apostle will either be fulfilling the promise of the life which is in. . .our Savior, Jesus Christ, who abolished death and brought to life and immortality to light through the gospel (2 Tim 1:1, 10), or he will be blocking the flow of God’s life through himself and, in that sense, he will have become a servant of death. For the Christian, the stakes are that high.

Fire of Mercy
Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis