donor recognition for the Gatehouse Project

No donation is too small. Please know that we appreciate every offering small and great.

Each and every donation brings us closer to completing the Gatehouse Renovation Project.

We ask God’s blessing upon each and every one of our donors.

If you would like to make a donation please visit this page..The following donors have given us permission to list them on this Recognition Page.

  • Jeffrey and Ann Anderson
  • Fr. David Baker
  • Fr. Angelo Caliguiri
  • Joe Calipari
  • Fr. Edward Estok
  • John Feather
  • Marlene Fedak
  • Tony Garguiolo
  • Heather Germano
  • Fr. Joseph Giroux
  • Fr. Bill Graf
  • Shelby Haynes
  • Sr. Maureen Healey, SSMN
  • Kimberly Hovey
  • Sandra and Hugh Janney
  • Deacon Jim and Grace Jaworski
  • Patricia and Frank Kemp
  • Daniel Klem
  • James Kuse
  • Anthony and Mary Bell Lipnicki
  • John and Valerie Lobo
  • Fr. Daniel Magni
  • John Modrak
  • Mary Mohan
  • Rock Castor and Laurel Nelson
  • Karen Otto
  • Diane Peace
  • Bill Pilewski
  • Dinah Pogata
  • James Ryan
  • Torry Sansone
  • Thomas Simmons
  • Dr. Paul Stomper
  • Mary Jo Tomasik



(If you do not find your name, please contact us so we can correct our error.)

Please visit our In Memoriam page

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Planning ahead is part of Christian stewardship and charity. Please consider including a bequest to The Abbey of the Genesee in your will.  Such a bequest to The Abbey of the Genesee is a unique way to demonstrate your connection to our life of prayer and solitude. Your thoughtfulness will enable you to share in our service to   God and the Church even after you are no longer physically with us. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.